20' Avalon with 75 Etech increases to 4.68 MPG from 3.8 MPG after VaraFoil™ Install. Click here to watch

Convert Your Pontoon or Tritoon with a VaraFoil™ Kit!

Pontoon Hydrofoils Provide:

Higher Top Speed and Cruising Speed
Wave Dampening to Handle Chop Better In Seas
Reduced Fuel Consumption/Increased Fuel Savings
Increased Range Due To Lower Fuel Consumption
Dryer/Higher Ride Producing Quieter/Smoother Ride
Decreased loads on outboard engine

VaraFoil™ Vs. Competitor Design Advantages

Install Time? VARAFOIL™  INSTALL takes 2-3 Hrs. DIY easy installs done while boat is in water, on trailer, or on boat lift. No need to lift boat, no special dolly's to locate Cg (Center of Gravity) location, we provide that info.
WARRANTY Concerns? No pontoon hull grinding, permanent epoxy, glued backing plates or destructive cutting on your boat, hull, or accessories like strakes/keels that may void warranty like competitors.

STRONG DESIGN! Advanced VaraStrut™ axial loaded V'd hydrofoil struts are robust, much stronger than two separate wing and hinged shear pin designs!  Ask the competitor if they can support the weight of their boat on their design. See video showing 3200 lbs. of boatweight absorbed by our VaraFoil™ structure and motor while sitting on hard ground!

WANT A LARGER MOTOR? The VaraFoil™ system is fully adjustable with 24" of movability, non permanent hydrofoil system, NO adhesive mounting! Future weight or Cg (Center of Gravity) changes are 4-bolt ( 15 min) easy adjustments. Move or remove your Vara™ assembly for end of season trailering (including scissor style type trailer), then re-bolt next season.

People moving on your boat while underway? No problem. Extremely easy pitch control changes of your VaraFoil™ using trim/tilt switch with our VaraPlate™ technology.

VaraFoil™ is custom sized for EACH boat and specifications! Competitors sell you a" one size fits all" hydrofoil, then tell you how good they are and bad our system is. Ask them if their system is specifically designed to "your" boats maximum efficiency, fuel economy, speed, weight, and size. Do you buy tires that fit your car or your neighbors car?

Each Pontoon/Tritoon Hydrofoil Kit comes complete with:

VaraFoil™ (Plug and Play HydroFoil Extrusion kit)
VaraPlate™ (Low drag/ High Lift steering control system)
VaraStrut™ (Robust axial loaded HydroFoil V'd supports)

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    What People Are Saying

    • We purchased this green technology to help our pontoon speed and fuel burn however wanted to cruise at a faster pace while saving wear and tear on our engine. My wife and I had no idea that we would be so impressed with how the boat "floated" on the VaraFoil™ and the ride became extremely quiet. She now calls it a "Magic Carpet Ride".

      Dean/Carol M.
      22' Bennington

      Involved with the marine industry, I really thought this VaraFoil™ kit made sense for our 90 hp pontoon. I am impressed with how easily/quickly it assembled and the strength of V-d struts when installed. I enjoy this new boat ride that is quiet and smooth going thru waves. We went from 21mph to 28mph with VaraFoil™. Then switched to stainless prop with more pitch and gained addtl 2-3 mph.

      Tim S.
      22' Godfrey Sweetwater

      We put the VaraFoil™ system on our tritoon and initially missed on the VaraFoil™ front to back placement. Pulled over to beach, 15 min adjustment and VaraFoil™ moved 5" aft.Went from No Foil 31mph top end to 40 mph with VaraFoil™ immediately using original prop. What a different riding boat! The VaraPlate™ allows me to trim the bow height with just a quick touch of trim/tilt switch.

      Patrick B.
      Designer/Owner Marine Co.

    • Had an amazing boat ride on Mike’s foiling pontoon boat. The boat jumps right up on the foils and was super stable even going into waves. We would highly recommend the foiling system for a better riding pontoon boat

      Robert/Darlene H.
      Avid Boaters

      With 4 adults on the boat in Tampa Bay in lite to moderate chop, I was impressed with how the VaraFoil™ pontoon hydrofoil seamlessly lifted the boat as ride got quieter despite the increasing speed. No issues with crossing larger boat wakes. Impressive design and engineering, serious piece of hardware.

      Jeff K.
      Avid Boater

      I have been a boater for over 50 years and owned a pontoon boat for over 25 years. When I first stepped on a pontoon boat with a VaraFoil™ , I thought I was flying. The boat just glided over the water and was noticeably faster. I can’t wait to install it on my pontoon boat.

      Robert H.
      Avid Boater

    • We purchased and installed just a VaraPlate™ on our pontoon after change out to a heavier 4 stroke motor that changed the attitude of the boat underway. The VaraPlate™ provided lift to counteract the extra weight. Using the trim/tilt switch with VaraPlate™  attachment gave us quicker hole shots, and now higher top end speed with better control.

      Thanks Mike

      Mike built a custom VaraPlate™ for my 15 foot powerboat with a Suzuki 15hp. The boat was more stable, it jumped up on a plane right away. The ride was much smoother especially going into waves. The bow cut through the waves, before it would bounce over them. There was a big improvement in the tilt trim button reaction of the engine. I would say it made my 15 foot boat feel like I was riding in a bigger boat. It took about 45 minutes to install and I would highly recommend it. Great product, and I will have one on all my boats going forward.

      Robert H.
      Avid Boater

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