Pontoon Hydrofoil Trailering and Boat Lift Use with a VaraFoil™, do guides work if mounted inside toons?

Do Pontoon Hydrofoils Work if my trailer, or boat lift has internal trailer supports?

Internal trailer supports are usually "short" uprights that are used for alignment purposes but are located inside the toons, visually hard to see from the driver/helmsman on storage approach.

This question comes up frequently from VaraFoil™ enthusiasts. Trailers with interference accessories including internal guides that are mounted between the toons of a pontoon/tritoon boat must be removed as a pontoon hydrofoil or VaraFoil™ simply won't be able to fully approach the trailer or boat lift and will stop. Scissor type trailers that include structures mounted between the toons will work for that one splash at the beginning of the season, and that one removal at end of season customer simply by removing your VaraFoil™. However, this is tough to do on a regular basis, even with an easy 4 bolt mounting system. Our VaraAttach™ angles do not interfere with the trailering, so after VaraFoil™ is removed trailering and storage like a normal pontoon is unaffected. The VaraFoil™ assembly is kind of like a car trying to get into a garage, you can't have 2 posts in front of the garage door when it opens. Watch for more explanation-Pontoon Trailer Video

For all cases of pontoon or tritoon trailer use, internal guidepost replacement to outside 48" tall guidepost is recommended. We have documented that inside toon fixed trailer uprights are usually: 1) Too short to supply ample amount of support to the toons if NOT perfectly aligned, 2) usually not seen by driver while under the water or under the boat during your trailering approach, 3) unprotected on at least 1 side leaving bare ends of steel to scar or damage your aluminum toons, 4) and have a flat carpeted side that minimally supports a round tube leading to your tubes getting flat spots.

We have witnessed hull damage from internal supports. PHA Inc. believes that outside 48" long trailer uprights with PVC tube covering serve the pontoon or tritoon boater better tan internal upright supports. PHA Inc. recommends use of quality hardware and tubing as longer uprights usually bend easier, so your trailer approach should be taken a bit slower until you are lined up between uprights correctly. In some cases, use the outside uprights like a piling or post to lean on lightly while the wind or current shifts you around. Then just idle forward/reverse needed to align your final approach onto trailer, sortof like a plane on a runway. An example of the upright products discussed can be found https://www.easternmarine.com/tie-down-48-hd-guides-on-s-86342 or https://www.boattrailerparts.com/Boat-Trailer-Square-Aluminum-Guide-On-Pole-Kit-_p_700.html or https://www.boattrailerparts.com/Boat-Trailer-Square-Hot-Dipped-Galvanized-Guide-On-Pole-Kit_p_699.html. Make sure you order or confirm that ALL correct hardware for your attachment or your application is included. We do not make any money, nor receive kickbacks for our opinions expressed here.


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