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common questions regarding our pontoon hydrofoil system.  Click each question to reveal answer.

What makes a VaraFoil™ pontoon hydrofoil different from your competitors?

To my knowledge, there are NO other patent pending plug and play adjustable pontoon hydrofoil or tritoon hydrofoil “Kits” made. In other words, our product isn't made as a One SIZE fits ALL product for every size boat. We design and build each VaraFoil™ Kit for the particular size, weight, and speed of your boat.  We designed our streamlined VaraFoil™, Varastrut™ and VaraPlate™ to today’s structural and performance demands. Compare competitor's structures and you can easily observe which one can take punishment. Additional differences include:

  • No aluminum grinding, permanent epoxy, or destructive cutting to boat hulls or manufacturer accessories needed with a VaraFoil™ Kit.
  • Easy 2-3 Hr. DIY install can be done while boat is in water, on trailer or on a boat lift.
  • Full X, Y, and Z Adjustability for easy location changes.
  • No lifting of boat or Cg location methods needed. No permanent mounting. Future larger motor choices or natural Center of Gravity ( COG ) changes are 4-bolt easy adjustments w/our VaraFoil™ system with 24" of Cg Adjustment.
  • Our VaraStrut™ V structure is extremely strong.  Breakaway/shear pin designs from 1950's are not used in our system! Our VaraStrut™ design has been shown to withstand the static weight of the boat on dry land.
  • Extremely easy pitch control changes by VaraFoil™ user using trim/tilt switch with our patent pending VaraPlate™ technology. Up to 2 People moving forward or back in boat while underway are easily controlled with the trim/tilt switch.
  • Works with Tritoons and powered catamarans also.
Will this hydrofoil make my Pontoon/Tritoon boat fly in mid air?

No, the VaraFoil ™ is designed to keep the pontoon hull bottoms kissing or just slightly in the water. This enables you to keep stability side to side. However, as the boat gets loaded with more people and gear the pontoons will sink a bit more to accommodate displacement/weight gain.

Can I continue to trailer the boat after installing this hydrofoil easily?
Yes, most trailers have no uprights or structure between the hulls that would interfere with the wing going on/off of trailer. However, if for some reason your trailer has interference concerns, we can assist with ALL application recommendations and/or modifications. Quite simply, move guide posts or guide rails to the outside of pontoon hulls and they serve the same purpose. Otherwise, make sure you have enough water for VaraFoil™ to float clear of the bunks, and easy on/easy off trailering is no problem.
Does my trailer have to be modified after I install this VaraFoil™ hydrofoil?
No, if using our most popular  VKit-3™ or VKit-4™ hydrofoils.  Possibly, if using our custom larger VaraFoils™ as your trailer will need a cutout or window provided in the wood 2x4" or 2x6" bunk area. Generally we cut this window around foil 9” in front of, and 12” behind VaraFoil™ profile on both sides of trailer. This opening allows for any future VaraFoil™ relocation front to back or even trailer tongue weight changes that may need to be performed by moving boat forward or aft on trailer also.
Can I order the VaraFoil™ kit without the VaraPlate™ , Pitch Control Plate?

All VaraFoil™ pontoon and tritoon kits are sold complete with the VaraPlate™ included . We do offer different configurations and upgrades to the base model VaraPlate™ for the performance minded boating enthusiasts.

Can I install this hydrofoil on my pontoon boat if I have bare hulls with NO external mounting accessories
( Strakes, keelson, etc.)?
Yes you can install our more popular VaraKit-3™ or VaraKit-4™ to the structural beams below deck.  If using our larger custom kits, you will need to purchase custom fittings, if no other factory accessory is available ( Strake, Keelson, etc. ). The VaraFoil™ should be mounted to accessories installed on hull. We do NOT recommend any hull penetrations including but not limited to screws, bolts, rivets, fasteners and attachments that could compromise structural integrity or flotation of toons, hulls, or OEM logs. In other words, if you screw directly into the air tight factory chambers of your hulls, YOU screwed up!
Can I expect the same performance/efficiency increases on my pontoon or tritoon as advertised or claimed by previous #’s, data, or testimonials on your website with a VaraFoil™?
No, All claims, data, and testimonials are based on a per boat accumulation of data or personal testimony. To date, ALL Varafoil™ applications have increased performance of production boats fuel efficiency by over 32%. Each application and use of VaraFoil™ is a case by case scenario. PHA wants happy customers. We stand by our product as a performance enhancer. We guarantee a 25% increase in performance if your boat fits are guidlines expressed in this Q and A. Your boat MUST have a minimum top wide open throttle speed of 18mph. Your boat must have a maximum wide open throttle speed of 46mph to achieve these gains.
Do you offer Pontoon or Tritoon VaraFoil™ installation?
Yes, Also most pontoon/boat repair shops around the continental U.S. can/will install our VaraFoil ™ system. We offer instructional video’s, written guides, email correspondence and a future customer service help line. However, our VK-3 system is designed for a 2 man 2-3 hr. install for the DIY'r looking for an easy pontoon hydrofoil project. Please call or email with any further questions you may have.
Can I expect to return/exchange a VaraFoil™ Kit after I order?

No Frills or surprises. PHA Inc. offers a return on unused parts. Specific extrusions cut to your dimensions are subject to our terms and conditions. Please see term and conditions for complete answers. PHA Inc. cannot be responsible for any transactional fees charged by your payment method choice.

How long will it take to receive my VaraFoil™ kit?
General turn around after an order is received is 7-10 days. The shipping/delivery method you choose dictates the actual delivery time.
How much does A VaraFoil™ Kit cost to ship?
This is based on location, weight of kit and, and carrier used. Example rate from our facility Florida 33584 to Carlsbad Ca 90211 ( 2,500 miles ) thru 3 different carriers ( ground) and the average rate for a VaraFoil ™ Kit sized for a 30’ boat is $426.00.
How do I track my order?
Depending upon carrier, insurance and delivery option you choose.
Where are your pontoon and tritoon hydrofoil products made?
Our entire product line of PHA Inc. VaraFoil™ components are built from the finest materials and craftsman found in the United States of America .
What payment methods do you accept?
Credit Card, Paypal, Cashiers/Personal Check, Affirm, and Venmo.
What speed differences can I expect with a VaraFoil ™ Kit addition?
  • If your WOT speed is less than 40 knots (46mph): You will see minimum 25% speed gains (Guaranteed). Maximum speed for standard VaraFoil™ Kits are 50 Knots (57.5 MPH) where you approach the “Wall”. See Below Explanation.
  • If your WOT speed is 41 knots (47mph) - 53 knots (61 mph) knots: A VaraFoil™ will help your maximum speed and cruising speed up to speeds reaching the “wall”. The VaraFoil™ and other subsonic hydrofoils reach or approach the “wall” at approximately 50-53 knots. This varies according to water temperature, density, salinity, aeration, and other scientific variables above my pay scale. When a VaraFoil™ or hydrofoil reaches the “wall”, the water begins to boil over the foil surface as it travels thru the water media, decreasing its lifting efficiency and increasing its drag. Therefor the VaraFoil™ or hydrofoil actually becomes a liability to speed, and not working as an asset.
Will the VaraFoil™ work on Pontoon or Tritoon boats with a minimum (Under
18Mph or maximum over 46Mph) speed?
  • The short answer is yes, however you may not get the 25% guaranteed speed gains of a boat that is faster.
  • The reason for your boats minimum speed recommendation of 18Mph is that velocity (Boat Speed) figures as a square in the hydrofoil lift formula, so speed is your “friend” until you reach the “wall”. As your boat speed doubles, the VaraFoil™ will create 4X as much lift. Tripling your boat speed creates 8X the lift. Our VaraFoil™ order forms require a 18 Mph minimum speed to receive our 25% Guarantee, however you should still receive speed/lift benefits with speeds as low as 15Mph, but these are on a per case basis and ARE DO NOT qualify for our 25% Guarantee. Call with questions.
  • The reason for your boats maximum speed recommendations of 46Mph is that VaraFoils™ are “subsonic” hydrofoils. These types of hydrofoils reach a maximum speed, or “wall” where the water flowing over VaraFoil™ actual boils and becomes inefficient for creating lift, therefor “subsonic” hydrofoils create more drag and become a liability for the boater that wants to break out or go faster than this speed. This “Wall” or boiling of water flowing over a VaraFoil™ theroaetically occurs between 52-53 knots (60-61 Mph) Our VaraFoil™ order forms require a threshold below 46 Mph maximum speed to receive our 25% Guarantee, however you should still receive speed/lift benefits with speeds as high as 50-55Mph. These gains are on a per case basis and these boats DO NOT qualify for our 25% Guarantee. Call with questions.
  • Will the installation of a VaraFoil™ affect trailering or storing my boat?

    Most trailers and storage lift are not affected and do not need modifications with the addition of a VaraFoil™.

    • Trailered with centerstyle lift: Most will NOT work for frequent launches. Please contact us for more information.
    • Trailered with scissor style lift: Most will NOT work for frequent launches. Please contact us for more information.
    • Drive on floating dock system: Most will NOT work unless modified to accept a VaraFoil™. Please contact us for more information.
    • Trailered with guide posts inside of toons: Inside guides must be deleted/ moved outside hulls, which works much better for trailering.
    • Beached: Works as long as VaraFoil™ is NOT aground, or on hard rocky bottom, for long periods of time. Generally, you want to take care of this like your pontoons.
    • Boat lifts with supports parallel to toons: Most lift supports are clear of the smallest dimension vertically between toons measured up from inboard most board. In other words the VaraFoil™ usually fits withut any modfications needed. Remember,  there must be clearance between VaraFoil™ and storage bunks.
    • If you own a Tritoon, the center bunks supporting center toon will need a “window” approximately 30" long for your VaraFoil™ to be correctly stored with NO damage. We usually move the supports 1st, cut and peel carpet in way of cut, then cut the window with a circular saw, reapply the carpet for seamless change ( .5 – 1 hr. job ).
    What water conditions do you frequent most?

    The VaraFoil™ is recommended for minimal/some weeds and floating debris environments while thriving in clean water environments. If you frequent areas with lots of large weeds or large floating debris, tree stumps or underwater Navigational Hazards, It is recommended to either unbolt your VaraFoil™ while in these areas, or maybe consider some other type of speed upgrade. Heavy weeds, Heavy Floating Debris, Tree Stumps, Underwater Navigational Hazards are not friends of a hydrofoil, or a boat and a motor for that matter.

    Is there a pontoon or tritoon boat minimum or maximum length
    restriction for safe use of a VaraFoil™ hydrofoil?
    The VaraFoil™ is designed for production use with pontoon or tritoon boats that are 18-34’. If you are outside these dimensions, a custom application may be considered, but only at the manufacturers discretion. Please do NOT purchase this item if your boat is NOT between 18’-34’ overall.

    Will the VaraFoil compliment my Pontoon or Tritoon?

    Step 1: Answer 4 questions. Move/click to Step 2.  Pricing will be provided once you select kit.

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