Proudly  American Made

Welcome to the measurement pages for the pontoon hydrofoil VaraFoil™ Kit  you are interested in purchasing and installing yourself. The simplest way to think of this pontoon hydrofoil is: "A Hydrofoil kit that when properly measured and installed becomes a structural 1-piece performance enhancement that fits your particular boat properly and will provide years of efficient performance and ride enjoyment."

Measurements needed include height and width measurements that MUST be recorded. If you find yourself without the knowhow, the patience, nor the capability of taking these measurements, we offer a travelling professional measure and install service. It’s your choice but either way, dimensioning is critical for proper sizing, and fit of this exclusive enhancement that you are interested in. You may also bring your boat to us in Seffner, Florida. The first 10 boats will get Patent Pending VaraFoil™ kits installed FREE, at wholesale cost plus 250.00. Normal turnaround is approximately 7-9 days.

The following pages represent different configurations of pontoon or tritoon vessels. Our VaraFoil™ connects to ALL accessories that a pontoon manufacture installs on your bare aluminum tube.  Our pontoon hydrofoils are plug and play systems that come off the boat if wanted with minimal intrusion, unlike other options offered for sale.

At Pontoon Hydrofoil Applications (PHA) We want to help you update your boat to perform as a totally new platform. This will take your time which can be considered free, or a professional’s time which is an additional cost. Either way, you will be extremely happy with the finished product and the performance it offers at such a low price.

Please glance at the following pages. Download and print the measurement pages applicable to your application, 2 hulls (Pontoon) or 3 hulls (Tritoon). Look at these measurement pages and choose an application nearest to yours. If you feel intimidated by the forms, email, text or call us however email/text is the best as we are a startup fulfilling the need for pontoon speed and building quickly. Video explanations are coming soon. Please be patient and give us some time for a response, keeping in mind that your experience is based on a philosophy of proper measurement in, proper/ easy fit OUT. What you put in is what you get out!