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VaraFoil™ Pontoon Hydrofoil Kits and Tritoon Hydrofoil Kits Available

Starting at $3,200

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The first production Patent Pending VaraFoil™ Pontoon Hydrofoil Kits are available. This pioneering kit will allow pontoon/tritoon boat owners to change their "old" platform ride, without the new boat, new motor, or strake modification expense.

This Kit comes completely ready for install and include:

Our  VaraFoil™ Pontoon Hydrofoil Kits are the strongest, easiest Do It Yourselfer, plug and play,  efficient hydrofoil kits on the market today. These kits will transform your old boat and put a smile back on your face, without serious expense or wait time. VaraFoil™ Assist means that your hulls/toons are designed to be lifted higher as speed increases ALL while the bottoms "kiss" the water, yet the the drag associated with the entire backend of toon sinking in the water is decreased. Hence, you are now pushing less boat thru the water with the same amount of horsepower which makes the hull faster, more efficient while your boat remains a stable platform. Structurally, fastening both pontoons with a VaraFoil™ at the bottom forms a "BOX" , which in turn makes the boat a much stiffer platform with our "Fullsize" VK-1 and VK-2 Hydrofoil Kits.


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VaraFoil™ Advantages

  • Gains in Speed/Higher Top Speed
  • Fuel Savings/Longer Range
  • Higher, Smoother and Drier Ride
  • Wave Dampening
VaraFoil™ Pontoon Hydrofoil Kits

What People Are Saying

  • Had an amazing boat ride on Mike’s foiling pontoon boat. The boat jumps right up on the foils and was super stable even going into waves. We would highly recommend the foiling system for a better riding pontoon boat

    Robert/Darlene H.
    Avid Boaters

    With 4 adults on the boat in Tampa Bay in lite to moderate chop, I was impressed with how the VaraFoil™ pontoon hydrofoil seamlessly lifted the boat as ride got quieter despite the increasing speed. No issues with crossing larger boat wakes. Impressive design and engineering, serious piece of hardware.

    Jeff K.
    Avid Boater

    I have been a boater for over 50 years and owned a pontoon boat for over 25 years. When I first stepped on a pontoon boat with a VaraFoil™ , I thought I was flying.  The boat just glided over the water and was noticeably faster. I can’t wait to install it on my pontoon boat.

    Robert H.
    Avid Boater

  • We purchased this green technology to help our pontoon speed and fuel burn however wanted to cruise at a faster pace while saving wear and tear on our engine. My wife and I had no idea that we would be so impressed with how the boat "floated" on the VaraFoil™ and the ride became extremely quiet. She now calls it a "Magic Carpet Ride".

    Dean/Carol M.
    22' Bennington

    Involved with the marine industry, I really thought this VaraFoil™ kit made sense for our 90 hp pontoon. I am impressed with how easily/quickly it assembled and the strength of V-d struts when installed. I enjoy this new boat ride that is quiet and smooth going thru waves. We went from 21mph to 28mph with VaraFoil™. Then switched to stainless prop with more pitch and gained addtl 2-3 mph.

    Tim S.
    22' Godfrey Sweetwater

    We put the VaraFoil™ system on our tritoon and initially missed on the VaraFoil™ front to back placement. Pulled over to beach, 15 min adjustment and VaraFoil™ moved 5" aft.Went from No Foil 31mph top end to 40 mph with VaraFoil™ immediately using original prop. What a different riding boat! The VaraPlate™ allows me to trim the bow height with just a quick touch of trim/tilt switch.

    Patrick B.
    Designer/Owner Marine Co.